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Gantrex Spain, S.A. is the global market leader in specialty rail tracks fixation including design, production, supply of goods and installation of turnkey contracts.

Rail fixation at train workshops, embedded rails accesses for Ports or logistic terminals and private rail installations together with other Subway´s and Tram´s required installations are some of Gantrex Spain´s main activities.


All sections of rails

Metallic railway sleepers

Rail fixing Clips

Rubber pads for rails

Steel columns for trains maintenance

Embedded rail fixation systems (recycled rubber)

Embedded rail fixation systems (polyurethane)

Hydraulic buffers


Bilbao Subway

Granada Tram

Santiago de Chile Subway


Algeciras Port

Valencia Port


DNV: ISO 9001

ADIF: Rail cast-in-place system homologation (grouting)



Polígono Insdutrial Izarza nº4- 48.150 (Sondika – Vizcaya) España
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Contact person:
[mini-icon icon=”envelope”] Mr. José López